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JCR + KLH Collaboration

This semester-long project stemmed from a collaboration between the Furniture and Textiles departments at RISD. Kelly Lucero Hughes and I began collaborating because of our mutual interest in infusing a sense of place in the objects that we design. Through image-gathering research trips around Rhode Island, we compiled an image bank to cull from while designing in the studio. Experimentation and sample-making was also integral to our design process, as we both learned from the other in our respective mediums.

This chair takes most of its inspiration from the sinuous forest of mangroove trees in Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middleton, RI. Our intent was to create a visually and physically light-weight chair that could easily be carried, while also communicating a sense of curving tree limbs. The chair is constructed by laminating white oak and uses brass for the folding hinge.

The hand-woven mat is constructed using phragmites as the main component. Wanting to use natural and sustainable materials, we chose phragmites because it is an invasive species that pushes out indigenous marsh plants to create a mono-habitat. We gathered the grass from marshes near our studio and processed them to use in the double weave mat. Easily folded and rolled up, the mat is also very light-weight and transportable.

weaving samples

final drawings & preliminary sketches/renderings

selection from my image bank