Stripe Table

Over the course of two months, I went through the process of designing and hand-building a table out of wood. In the beginning stages of sketching and model making, I was inspired by the architectural forms of the Turk’s Head building in downtown Providence. After reworking and collaging/combining forms, I arrived at the final design.

One of my priorities in taking on this project was to experiment with color in form. I choose ash as the wood for the table because of its extraordinary abilities to absorb color in stain or dye. After making tests, I went with red leather dye because of its rich aura and excellent ability to translate and highlight form in objects.

Each part is joined together with mortise and tenon joints, totaling over 100.

ash, leather dye, wipe-on poly
34” x 24.5” x 13”


     inspiration photo/collages

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